Getting your products into Mexico with Amazon – Opportunity or Nightmare?

Using Amazon’s platform to market and distribute your products into Mexico can be a fantastic opportunity to boost your sales…

If you know what you are doing.

Or it can be a nightmare if you don’t know the hurdles you will face against smooth market entry and transactions.

Amazon has set the stage for you to take advantage of Mexico’s consumer market.  By leveraging Amazon’s technology, fulfillment centers, and authority as being one of the top ecommerce platforms in the world you can reap massive profits.

Not to mention expand your brand and products into an international market that thrives on the internet when it comes to buying consumer goods.

However, there are some pitfalls associated with such a massive opportunity.  Later in this report you will learn about mistakes some of the biggest U.S. companies have made when entering Mexico’s marketplace. And the enormous associated cost with those mistakes.

If it can happen to companies like Wal-Mart and Apple, it can happen to anyone.  But since you are fortunate to land on this page, it does not have to happen to you.

WARNING: You may think that entering the Mexican market can be done by cutting corners.  Although Amazon is doing the heavy lifting, there will be some critical steps you must take to ensure your product makes it over the border and to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

Three Things You Absolutely Need to Do before Selling in Mexico on Amazon:

  • You must register your trademark in Mexico
  • You must label each product in Spanish in compliance with regulations under NOMS51
  • You must know what HS Classification code applies to your goods and follow the documentation requirements of the exporting and importing countries

Wait!  Doesn’t Amazon Handle all this for me?

The answer to your question is No.

Fulfillment By Amazon requires you  to get your products shipped to their fulfillment centers.  In order to get your inventory to a fulfillment center located in Mexico you will have to get over the border.

Is Mexico Worth Overcoming the Hurdles?

Absolutely (and Amazon thinks so too!), Mexico is a growing economy – 11th largest in the world.  It’s also the second largest export market for U.S. goods. According to A Forrester report says, between 2013 and 2018, Mexico is due to see sales increase 150% (from 2.2 billion to 5.5 billion).  The same study mentioned a 114% increase in online buyers up to 18 million in 2018.

The Bottom Line on Using Amazon to Sell Your Products in Mexico:

Ignoring this opportunity will cost you in lost sales.  Why leave this profitable opportunity to your competition?  The sooner you take action, the faster your products could be selling on Amazon Mexico’s massive marketplace.

 The Good News:

You do not have to speak Spanish or hire half a dozen experts to do business in Mexico!

Amazon’s FBA platform will help you distribute your products all over Mexico…

However, you will have to get your products to the Amazon Fullfillment centers and that is where Mexico Sales Made Easy comes in to help!

Mexico Sales Made Easy, Inc. is excited to introuduce their new “Amazon Mexico Easy Button”.

We are your single-source U.S. based “Mex-perts” in all matters related to exporting U.S. goods to Amazon Mexico.

You get to leverage our systems and staff for:

  • Smoother communication – In English!
  • Faster Market entry
  • Faster individual transactions
  • Significant cost savings and peace of mind

Who is behind Mexico Sales Made Easy, Inc.?


Sandro Piancone is the Chief “Mexpert” Officer of Mexico Sales Made Easy. What is a Mexpert you ask? The leading authority in doing business in Mexico, relied on by some of the world’s largest companies, for a step by step process and successful export of consumer packaged goods into the Mexican marketplace without lawyers, or international trade hassles-guaranteed.

He sits on several boards and consults on trademark issues, labeling requirements, Mexico import permits, and sales and marketing strategies.

Since 1998, Sandro has generated well over 500 million dollars in sales and profits for his clients and partners helping them export their products into Mexico.

Mr. Piancone is a serial entrepreneur, international business consultant and “recovering” CEO of a publicly traded specialty foods distribution company in Mexico. I introduced a number of U.S. brands to Mexico and built them into multi-million dollar brands for U.S. companies that had no previous experience exporting to Mexico. Brands such as:



He has the honor of sitting on several corporate boards where he consult on trademark issues, labeling requirements, Mexico import permits, as well as sales and marketing strategies. His present client list includes:

His team shares his insistence on timely communication, quick turn-around times, flawless execution of tasks and first-rate customer service. And they all speak excellent English! They are experienced entrepreneurs who get things right the first time.

Do you have questions about our services? Contact info@mexicosalesmadeeasy.com by email, and they will get back to you promptly.

How would you like to see your products on store shelves in Mexico?

It can happen. And it will be faster, less expensive and easier than you ever dreamed possible if you let us handle every aspect of making exports to Mexico an important part of your sales strategy. Why?

  • There is no need to deal with attorneys (in the USA or Mexico)
  • There is no need to struggle with a language barrier
  • There is no need to work with a translator for your labels
  • There is no need to read through reams of Mexican labeling regulations
  • There is no need to engage a customs specialist for HS Codes
  • There is no need to worry about filling out the proper export documents

Everything will be handled by us to perfection. And since there is only one bill to pay, you save on your own internal resources. Are we the cheapest service? No. But when you calculate in lost time, communication problems, confiscated goods, pirated trademarks and other horrors, you will find that we are the least expensive.

 Here is what we will do for you:

We register your trademark in Mexico

Since Mexico is now part of the Madrid Protocol (allowing trademark registration applications in several countries at once), this is an essential step for export to Mexico. We begin with a trademark search and then apply for full trademark registration in person.

Yes, we go across the border to get this accomplished. Once registered, you will receive written proof, and your trademark will be protected for 10 years (renewable).

 NOTE: The process from application to registration certificate can take up to 12 months.

Trademarks that can be registered are a word, slogans, symbols, a logo, graphic designs, a trade name, a service mark and three-dimensional goods that are distinctive of a trademark, such as a perfume bottle or container. Or it can be a combination of all.

 Additional optional services include stopping goods of infringers at the border and prosecution of infringers. The following story will illustrate how important registration of your trademark is.

A cheese manufacturer in Mexico was selling their cheese under the trademark of one of our U.S. clients.

 This can easily happen when a U.S. company builds a powerful brand and then starts selling to Mexico. Luckily, our client had proof of proper trademark registration in Mexico. We helped our client by filing multiple complaints; in Mexico with the IMPI and PRG and also with the U.S. federal government.

 Since our client’s trademark was properly registered in the U.S. and Mexico, we were able to get a cease-and-desist order against the infringing party.

FAQs about Trademark Registration in Mexico

Have you ever considered how trademark infringement would impact your business?

  1. My trademark was registered in the U.S. and in multiple other countries simultaneously.
    Do I still need to register in Mexico?
    ANSWER: Yes you do, because Mexico is now part of the Madrid Protocol allowing simultaneous registration in several countries. But you do need to file your trademark in each country you plan to do business.
  2. Approximately how long does it take to receive a trademark registration certificate in Mexico?
    ANSWER: 12 months.
  3. What type of trademark can be registered?
    ANSWER: You can register a word, slogans, symbols, logos and graphic designs, trade names, service marks, three-dimensional goods that are distinctive of a trademark, such as a perfume bottle or container, and combinations of all of them.
  4. What type of trademark can be registered?
    ANSWER: You can register a word, slogans, symbols, logos and graphic designs, trade names, service marks, three-dimensional goods that are distinctive of a trademark, such as a perfume bottle or container, and combinations of all of them.
  5. How can I protect my trademark against importers of counterfeit goods?
    ANSWER: Once your trademark has been granted registration by the Mexican Trademark Authority, we can arrange official protection from the Mexican Customs Border Authority which will stop counterfeit goods right at the border and prosecute infringers.
  6. Why would I want to register my trademark also with the Mexican Customs Border Authority?
    ANSWER: This gives you a triple advantage: CONTROL over goods of unlicensed distributors crossing the border into Mexico; helps STOP entry of counterfeit goods and infringed trademarks into the Mexican market; helps PROSECUTE infringing parties.

Next, we will:

Ensure that your product labeling complies with Mexican regulations

Have you thrown in the towel on exporting to Mexico because your goods were held or even confiscated at the border for labeling irregularities? contact us immediately because we can make the labeling process absolutely painless.

 Depending on what your product is, following Mexican labeling regulations can be more or less complicated. At minimum, your label must be in Spanish and contain a specific set of information according to NOM51. As you can imagine, it gets more complicated with food products or nutritional supplements.

 We will thoroughly research what’s required in Mexico for your product, provide the translation, and prepare the artwork with your logo. We return translated and compliant artwork, accompanied by a certificate of compliance (“constancia”) ready for your printer. Included is a 90-day free revision policy.

 Meeting Mexican labeling requirements does not get any easier.

 The following story reported in the media a few years ago illustrates the importance of following Mexican labeling regulations:

Wal-Mart failed to follow regulations for product labeling in Spanish on thousands of products exported to Mexico. Wal-Mart’s claims that this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding did not impress Mexican trade officials.

 Mexico City’s Wal-Mart store was shut down until the labeling deficiency was corrected. If this can happen to Wal-Mart, it can happen to you!

FAQs about Product Labeling in Mexico

  1. Can I export my products to Mexico with my current U.S. labels?
    ANSWER: No, you cannot. Your products will be held or even confiscated at the border.At minimum, your labels must be in Spanish.
  2. Can I do a straight translation of my current labels?
    ANSWER: No, you cannot. There is additional information required on the labels. Also, different regulations apply to different product categories.
  3. How do I find a translator for my labels who is familiar with the regulations?
    ANSWER: When you engage our services, you don’t have to worry about a translator. We handle the translation and even prepare the artwork ready for your printer. Along with the artwork we provide you with a certificate of compliance (“constancia”).
  4. What if I change my mind about the label design?
    ANSWER: A 90-day free revision policy is included with our service.

Finally, we make sure that

The correct HS Classification Code is applied to your products

If your goods have been incorrectly classified, you may be applying for an import permit that’s really not necessary. Likewise, you may have needed an import permit and never knew it. You may also find that your goods are subject to import duties that make you uncompetitive in Mexico. If this has happened to you, contact us immediately. We may be able to turn things around dramatically.

 HS stands for Harmonized Schedule and refers to an international system of classifying each product into specific categories. This system allows exporting and importing countries to keep track of their exports and imports and is an important part of the export and import documentation.

 In addition, customs authorities use the HS Code to levy import duties on certain goods. To protect their domestic manufacturers, higher duties are levied on imported goods that are in competition with those manufacturers. No import duty may be due if there is no significant local production.

 So, you can see how important the HS Code is in respect to being able to compete in a foreign market

 As part of this service, we also handle the application for an import permit from Mexico should your goods require one. In addition, we make sure that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on all export documents so that your shipments can sail through customs without delay.

 The following story illustrates how important the correct HS classification is:

One of our clients used to export pizza-related products, including pizza flour, to Mexico and had several distributors as customers.

When we talked to one of those distributors, he complained about the 5% import duty he had to pay on the flour. We informed him that no import duty is due on the flour and provided the correct HS classification number. It turned out that his import agency had misclassified the product for years. That was 5% – thousands of dollars – the distributor could have put in his pocket – or reduced his pricing to better compete.

 Needless to say, he changed import agencies and learned that they are not always the expert they think they are.

 Imagine the difference this knowledge can mean to your exports to Mexico!

FAQs about HS Classification Codes in Mexico

  1. What is an HS Classification Code?
    ANSWER: It stands for Harmonized Schedule and refers to an international system of classifying each product into specific categories.
  2. Why should I care about what my HS Code is?
    ANSWER: There are three reasons. The first one is knowing how much import duty (if any) is going to be levied on your goods, and will tell you whether or not you can compete in Mexico. The second one is knowing whether or not you need to apply for an import permit. The third one is that your HS number must appear on your export documentation and your buyer’s import documentation.
  3. How do I apply for an import permit in Mexico?
    ANSWER: When you engage our services, we handle the application for you.
  4. We have never filled out export documents. Is it complicated?
    ANSWER: It can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. When you engage our services, you will learn everything you need to know, and we double-check to make sure everything is in order.

Our Services are 100% Guaranteed for Life

  • We guarantee that all paperwork we handle for you will be correct, or 100% of your money will be refunded
  • Should your trademark application be denied, we will file another trademark application at no charge to you

Take Three Easy Steps for Mexico Sales Made Easy:

  1. Click here to access our export application form. Fill it in and email it back to us at info@mexicosalesmadeeasy.com. This will tell us about your business, your level of experience and your goals in relation to selling your goods in Mexico.
  2. We will review your information and arrange for a discovery call. This call will allow us to go into more detail to make sure that we have fully understood your goals.
  3. You decide if we are the right fit for you. No obligation, no pressure. If you honor us with your business, we will provide you with our service agreement for your signature. Once that has been received, we waste no time working on your project.

These pages were just an overview of the three most important services we offer. We’ll be happy to tell you about additional available services. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us through this website.

Mexico Sales Made Easy, Inc. –
The global authority to doing business profitably in Mexico, used by some of the world’s leading companies.